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Waterford 3-17 Limerick 1-14

The Waterford hurlers rock my world!!!!!! In 2002 we won the Munster title to take our all time tally to 6. Now in 2007 we have 8! I'm so proud of the boys. So it was a case of a 39 year wait before 2002 and now we only have to wait a couple of years between wins. Ta da!! Of course the year will still be a bummer if we do not win the All Ireland - only waiting 48 years for that particular prize ho hum. But a League win (first in nearly over 40 years for that as well) and another Munster title win is not bad. Not bad at all. All hail Dan Shanahan the Goal Machine.

Got the keys of the house on Friday. Garden like a jungle, which is really embarassing, but we didn't go near the place until Friday and the weather has been We bought our kitchen/bathroom tiles however, and have also arranged for measuring for carpets, and we picked out wooden floors. We will have to wait until August for fitting but it's free (or at least built into the price) and we won't be in the house till then anyway. Lots to do, and only the weekends to do things but it's starting to move so that's good!!
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