deisegal (deisegal) wrote,

Friday Frenzy

Something about Fridays in work is so.....gak! I always go in on Monday thinking I will space my work out more efficiently and by Friday be finished all my "chores" by the afternoon and then just surf and doss and do nothing. But then something usually happens on Monday to put me off. eg a pile of work left by my boss who has been working all weekend. So basically Monday morning is taken up doing that. Then Monday afternoon is taken up with doing the stuff I should have been doing Monday morning had I not been snowed under by weekend paperwork. Wow, this is shaping up to be one exciting journal entry. I bet I get LOADS of comments. I'll probably have to disable comments after a while because I'll have had so many. Bottom line is, work is sucky. I have civil service exam on Wednesday. Boss doesn't know this of course, but as I am such a hopeless liar he will ask me what I need day off for and I will probably blurt out "Imdoingcivilserviceexamandifidontgetitthatsokilldoanotheronelateronandilbeleavingheresoonerratherthanlater". hee....I feel kind of bad in the sense that I harangued him about giving me a payrise and I am earning about 30% more than when I started 2 years ago but at the end of the day I started out on sh1te money and I'm still on pretty sh1te money and although I'd have to take a pay cut to join the civil service, the civil service is what we call in this country "a handy number". Set up for life, and no-one can fire you even if you are rubbish at your job. And there's the opportunity to move all over the country (ie away from Dublin and it's horrible, unbelievable house prices....I mean I don't want a house right now, well it would be nice, but it's something that has to be considered and something I would really like to have by the time I'm 30. 5 years seems like a long time but it's really not. An Irish person without a house is like person without some sort of fondness for booze...

Was looking through Myspace again tonight...hmm....I know one "real" person on it, but when I went searching for her the site just went soooo slow. I can't do slow internet anymore, not since work and not since getting wireless. We may have leachers in our apartment building. The guy who got the internet installed here was trying to put a password on the network but it doesn't work with us. So someone is probably down in the third floor downloading gigabyte after gigabyte of porn. For shame!!

Watched new Office ep earlier on, it's such a fun programme, I could watch it all day. I bet they film lots of material and then only use 25 mins worth. It's too short. Steve Carell is the most hilarious man on the planet. I of course have met every person on the planet so can state the previous with utmost certainty :-P Seriously though, just watching his various facial expressions is comedy gold in itself. I bought the Season 2 DVDs a few weeks ago and have yet to watch them all. Please let it rain tomorrow so I have an excuse to stay in and watch them!!
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