deisegal (deisegal) wrote,

Great weekend

Was great to be have the family all together for nana's birthday. There are some advantages to coming from a small family - one being you can gather everyone together in a relatively small room. Most Irish families are the exact opposite! It was a long day but the next morning was even longer as I spent most of it puking!! Never drinking again etc. The copious amounts of tuna sandwiches my father has made didn't help matters. Hundreds I tell you!!
Decided at 4pm that I couldn't face the train, so left a msg on my boss' phone (he is in Venice at the mo) to the effect that I would be coming in at 10.30. Then my sister in law decided she just could not face the flight from Cork to Liverpool - she only barely endured the flight over on Tuesday. It was somewhat awkward for my brother, but with my wonderful boyfriend sorting everything out for them they got a through ticket from Waterford to Liverpool for €54 each!! That's train to Dublin (about €18) + Ferry (?) to Holyhead, then train to Liverpool i.e. all of the above cost a LOT more than €54. Neil is just brilliant that way. He literally fought with the guy in the train station who didn't want to give them the ticket, but it was OK in the end. Neil really knows his transport issues! Anyway, it was a nice enough train journey spent with good company. Of course, the ferry ended up being cancelled but that's just the Irish way!!
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