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Minging.... today. Got the tram in early this morning because we were laden down with bags for the weekend. THIS is why I do not go home very often. I tried to pack light, but it just wasn't possible. Dad rang last night and said the lads were already down in the pub. the lads being: My youngest (but still older than me!) brother who lives in Liverpool (but is moving home v shortly), his wife who had just been for a job interview in town but doubts she'll get it, and my middle brother who is a teacher "between jobs". So a nice way for them to spend a Thursday night indeed. I for my part watched a couple of episodes of Rome. It's pretty good stuff, can't wait to watch the rest. James Purefoy is really quite delicious I don't know how I managed not to "squee" while watching it and boyfriend was hovering around packing his bag. Bless his little cotton socks! In fairness I would be watching Rome in any case if James wasn't in it, I just wouldn't have gone to so much effort to get my hands (i.e. grubby mitts) on them before they aired in the UK. Will definitely buy the DVDs though. Have gone a bit mad on buying DVDs of late....note to self: stop that!
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